Liverpool’s transfer targets this summer have largely been players on the attacking side with the exception of keeper Simon Mignolet.

The Reds came to terms for strikers Iago Aspas and Luis Alberto Romero back in June, but now it appears the Anfield side and Brendan Rodgers are hoping to spruce up their midfield and back line with some of Europe's top young talent as the transfer window slowly shuts.

According to a Saturday report from the Daily Mirror, Liverpool will have to contend with Tottenham’s £15 million offer for both Ajax defender Toby Alderweireld and midfielder Christian Eriksen.

Ajax confirmed they had received an offer for Alderweireld, but wouldn’t release the name of the club. It’s believed to be either Spurs or Liverpool, as both have had their eye on the 24-year-old Belgian and his teammate.

Norwich City were previously shunned by Alderweireld, however he does favor a move to the Premier League, even though he has spent his entire senior career with Ajax, making 124 appearances and notching seven goals.

Eriksen, 21, may be more sought after than Alderweireld. The Mirror reported Eriksen had scoffed at three other offers from Italy, Germany, and Russia. Despite his youth, the Denmark native has already made 36 appearances for his country.

As if Tottenham weren’t complicating things enough for Liverpool, now they are reportedly in the mix for Luis Suarez.

Suarez has long been tied to a move to either Real Madrid or Arsenal, but now Tottenham are reportedly interested, as reported by The People. Tottenham see Suarez as a replacement for Gareth Bale, should the Welshman finally jettison to Madrid for a new world-record transfer fee.

Though he carries more than his fair share of baggage, Arsenal already have a £160,000-a-week salary prepared for Suarez, which would make him the club's highest paid player in history, according to Metro.

Rodgers’s patience for Suarez may have finally run too thin. The Uruguayan has made accusations that Liverpool had gone back on promises to move him, which Rodgers has denied.

Now Rodgers wants a public apology from Suarez.

"There are a couple of things Luis can do and initially there will be a recognition that (there needs to be) an apology to his team-mates and the club," Rodgers said after the Reds 1-0 loss to Celtic on Saturday according to ESPN. "When we get that commitment back from him that he’s ready to fight as he always has done. Luis Suarez has fought tirelessly for this club from day one so when I see he’s not the same Luis Suarez I have to protect the fans and the players of this club because they deserve more than that.

"He has spent some days working on his own. The group has been separate to that and working very hard. When he returns from his international trip next week we will take it from there."