Hacker group Lizard Squad targets Twitch. Courtesy/Twitch

On Wednesday morning hacker group Lizard Squad went after live streaming video platform Twitch to take down the popular service.

On Sunday the Lizard Squad took responsibility for a number of online attacks that left Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users without service. The mysterious party also claimed it grounded an American Airlines flight that had Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley on board.

Early Wednesday morning, the group warned Twitch fans that it was going after the popular service via Twitter, asking users to write “Lizard Squad” on their foreheads with Sharpies if they didn’t want the popular streaming platform taken down.

A number of Twitch fans responded on Twitter, penning the hacktivist group’s title in permanent ink across their foreheads.

Though it can’t be confirmed that Lizard Squad is actually responsible for these attacks, one thing is certain – any type of threat made against an airline is taken extremely seriously. When Smedley’s flight was diverted on Sunday as a result of the group’s alleged bomb threat, Sony announced the incident would be further investigated by the FBI.

“I can confirm that at this time the FBI is handling this directly,” Sony said in a statement regarding the bomb threat.