“Logan” will introduce the female version of Wolverine. 20th Century Fox

The “Logan” trailer left audiences with a lot of questions, and one of the most pressing ones was about the identity of the little girl. Actress Dafne Keen is introduced to Wolverine, but no one says her name. The film’s official Instagram account seems to have identified her.

The account posted a photo that referred to her as “Laura” in the caption. This seems to confirm the popular theory that Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, will be introduced in the third “Wolverine” movie. The character now headlines “The All-New Wolverine,” a comic book series which launched in November 2015.

In the first movie trailer, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) tells Logan (Hugh Jackman) that Laura is “like you. Very much like you.” That particularly makes sense if she is indeed Laura Kinney.

In the Marvel comics, Laura is cloned from the original Wolverine. She shares similar mutant powers with him. She has accelerated healing and can even reattach her limbs. It also seems like she’ll have a similar slow aging process.

However, she has some differences from her predecessor. Laura, who made her comic book debut in “NYX” #3 in February 2004, only has two adamantium claws in each hand. She also managed to escape capture before her entire skeleton was fused with adamantium.

Like Logan, she doesn’t exactly have a happy-go-lucky background. She was raised by the Facility, a group of scientists who created her and trained to be an assassin. A “trigger scent” was developed to send her into a murderous rage. This is the device that forces her to kill her mother, a scientist who wasn’t allowed to show affection for her daughter.

After the character escapes captivity, she meets Wolverine. Though they have a rocky start, they eventually build a father/daughter relationship.

It isn’t clear what “Logan” will actually keep from the comics, but the father/daughter aspect of the story would certainly keep with the themes director James Mangold described to Empire last week. “I think this movie is about family, and sticking together, and about making connections in a world in which our characters might feel very alone,” he said.

“Logan” is set to hit theaters March 3, 2017.