Wolverine 3/Logan
“Logan,” also known as “Wolverine 3,” hits theatres on March 3, 2017. Marvel/20th Century Fox

It’s finally here. Marvel and 20th century Fox released the first trailer of “Wolverine 3,” which is titled “Logan.” The movie, which releases in 2017, will see Hugh Jackman portray the role of self-healing mutant known as Wolverine for the last time. This is also the third and final installment of the Wolverine franchise.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world of 2024, “Logan” will continue the story of “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Nathaniel Essex, determined on destroying the world, has successfully cloned Wolverine’s genes. A young girl, named Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), was created using his DNA.

Here are 5 things we learned from the newly released trailer:

1. The Mutants Are Gone

The future of X-Men is bleak. The preview clearly shows the world without X-Men. All the mutants are gone and only a few remain.

2. Logan Is Losing His Powers

Logan is slowly but surely losing his powers. He is now an old man suffering from frequent tremors. However, he has one last fight left in him which he uses to save his female clone.

3. Professor X Has Alzheimer’s … But Still Helps Logan As Much As He Can

Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), founder and leader of the X-Men, is suffering from Alzheimer’s in the future. However, he does his best to help Wolverine. And it’s also a good thing that he has Caliban (Stephen Merchant) by his side. He is a mutant taking care of Professor X.

4. First Glimpse Of The Female Clone Of Wolverine

“Wolverine 3” or “Logan” is loosely based on the comic series “Old Man Logan” penned by Mark Millar. We saw in the post-credits scene of “X-Men: Apocalypse” that Essex Corp. had procured Wolverine’s DNA. He used that to create a female clone named X-23.

5. Nathaniel Essex And His Army Are Desperately Searching For Her

“Logan” will show Nathaniel Essex/Mister Sinister for the first time on screen.

“Logan” hits theatres on March 3, 2017.