Rapper Logic takes aim at President Donald Trump and Kanye West on his new album. Pictured: Logic on June 19, 2015 performing in Dover, Delaware. Getty Images

Rapper Logic has never been one to get political on his records, but with a new album out on Friday, the Maryland artist recruited two of hip-hop’s most socially conscious performers for a politically-charged track that takes aim at President Donald Trump and Kanye West.

On his album, “Everybody,” Logic teams up with Chuck D, Black Thought, No I.D. and Big Lenbo for the song “America.” The rapper’s first verse makes mention of Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” when Logic raps, “Like Make America Great Again / Make it hate again / Make it white / Make everybody fight.”

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But it’s the song’s fourth verse where Logic really goes all in with his diss. The artist starts his verse off by rapping, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people / 2017 and Donald Trump is the sequel.” Logic then goes on to call out Kanye West, rapping about how he’ll say what Kanye won’t.

“Give the people what they want,” he says, addressing Kanye. “Your music is 20-20 but them political views is blurred / I ain’t trying leave ya’ name slurred / Cause honestly I idolize you on everything, my word / But I gotta say what need be said.”

Logic then goes on to rap that he doesn’t approve of Trump’s signature red and white hat and ends his verse with a message for the people, telling them not to run from Trump, but to instead run against him.

“To make it happen though we gon’ need patience / and not violence giving hospitals more patients,” he raps. “I’ma tell you what I need right now / I’ma tell you what we all need / I need my people of color / Don’t run from Trump, run against him!”

Although Logic’s bars may seem like a strong diss against “The Life of Pablo” rapper, Logic insists that he’s a fan of West. Speaking with Genius, he said, “I love Kanye West, man. He’s my idol. He’s like one of my favorite musicians of all time. I aspire to be on that level of genius that he is.”

But while Logic may respect Kanye, after he supported Trump, he lost some love for him. According to Logic, he didn’t understand why Kanye would support the president and then disassociate himself from him. “Look at what Donald Trump is doing, talking about ‘I’m going to ban Muslims. I’m going to revoke things.’ Like he’s been saying that. You can’t just be like, ‘Oh I’m with this.’ And then, ‘Oh, I’m not with this.’”

As for the song itself, while some may see it as a political record, Logic himself doesn’t see it that way. “I’ve never done a song like this ever. I’ve never gotten political. I’ve never talked about things. It ain’t even about black or this or that. It’s just about America,” he told Genius.