• One of Lori Vallow's neighbors from her housing complex in Rexburg, Idaho, shared the video with reporters and police to aid in the search for Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan
  • The video showed Joshua playing outside his family's home with another child from the complex
  • Lori Vallow appeared in court in Hawaii on Saturday for an extradition hearing and is scheduled to return to court in March

One of Lori Vallow’s neighbors from Rexburg, Idaho, came forward Monday with new footage from their home’s doorbell camera showing Vallow’s son Joshua playing in the yard days before he reportedly disappeared.

The neighbor, whose name has been withheld, first shared the video with law enforcement to help their search for Joshua Vallow, 7, and his sister Tylee Ryan, 17. It reportedly helped create a timeline of events before and after the siblings’ disappearance in September, which was detailed in documents released Friday.

The neighbor asked police and reporters to not release their identity out of fear of the doomsday cult for which Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell are allegedly members.

Joshua is seen in the video playing with another child outside his family’s home in a Rexburg housing complex. The video was dated for Sept. 17 and was last reportedly seen alongside his sister on Sept. 23. He had reportedly gone to school that day, but was taken out by Vallow who told staff she would be homeschooling her son going forward.

Another video reportedly showed another woman visiting Vallow at the housing complex on Oct. 29, though police did not identify the visiting woman.

Investigators visited Vallow and Daybell at their home in November as part of a wellness check requested by the children’s relatives. The couple reportedly told the officers that Joshua and Tylee were with friends in Arizona, but this was proven to be false. Vallow and Daybell reportedly left Rexburg that night and were found in January living in a gated community in Hawaii.

Vallow was arrested in Hawaii on Thursday for her children’s disappearance. She is being charged with desertion of the children after reportedly ignoring a court order to produce Joshua and Tylee to Idaho Child Services. She appeared in court on Saturday for an extradition hearing and is scheduled to return to court at the beginning of March.

Police Scene
Representational image of a crime scene. Suzanne Cordiero/AFP/Getty Images