The Louisiana gubernatorial election on Saturday has Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards facing five GOP challengers in a jungle primary, with U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham and businessman Eddie Rispone being his top rivals. If these two Republicans manage to keep Bel Edwards below 50%, it would result in a Nov. 16 runoff election, with Edwards competing with just one of the Republicans.

President Trump went to Louisiana on Friday in order to encourage Louisianans to prevent Edwards from being reelected.

"Tomorrow, you will head to the polls, and you will vote to replace a liberal Democrat who has sold you out, John Bel Edwards, with a great new Republican governor," Trump said.

Despite Edwards being a Democrat in the Deep South, he has had some decent poll numbers. A survey on Oct. 9 revealed that 50% of Louisianans approve of Bel Edwards, as he has taken a moderate approach to leading the state.

Edwards has touted his bipartisan successes, such as working with Republicans to take a $2 billion budget deficit inherited from previous Gov. Bobby Jindal and turning it into a surplus. He has also signed an abortion ban, which has put him at odds with his national party.

Republicans have attacked Edwards on how he handled a sexual harassment complaint that targeted his former deputy chief of staff, Johnny Anderson.

GOP candidate Eddie Rispone has said that he is a strong supporter of President Trump, and has called Trump's policies on taxes and the border "phenomenal." Ralph Abraham has said that Louisiana is in "bad shape" and that he would put "Louisiana families first."

Other gubernatorial elections coming up this year include Kentucky on Nov. 5, with Trump also attempting to rescue GOP Gov. Matt Bevin, as one poll shows him to be the least popular governor in the United States. Mississippi will also hold its gubernatorial elections on the same day as Kentucky.