Louisianans are heading to the polls Saturday to choose whether they will re-elect Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards or vote in pro-Trump businessman Eddie Rispone.

The elections are being held after Edwards in October faced off against multiple GOP candidates in a "jungle primary," where one candidate would have to break 50% in order to be elected Louisiana's governor or face a runoff election. Although Edwards came out on top, he was unable to break the 50% threshold. Rispone came in second at 27%.

Edwards is a pro-life, pro-gun rights governor, making him more conservative than the rest of his party. Edwards took office in January 2016 and has touted the state's budget as one of his successes as governor. The state has an estimated budget surplus of $500 million after the state encountered a budget crisis under former Gov. Bobby Jindal, a Republican.

Edwards is a West Point graduate and veteran, and has distanced himself from the House impeachment inquiry into Trump.

Rispone is also pro-life and pro-gun rights. "A proven job creator, Eddie is a proven advocate for workplace development, limited government, lowering taxes, and reducing the burdens to do business in Louisiana," it reads on Rispone's website. In one ad, Rispone said that he would stand with Trump against "liberal lunatics" on issues such as banning sanctuary cities and ending taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants in Louisiana.

Trump was in Louisiana on Thursday to promote Rispone. He has previously said that Edwards has done a "poor job" as governor.

Two recent polls have suggested that Edwards would beat Rispone by 2% but this remains within the margin of error.

The election could be important to see whether Trump's support makes an impact on gubernatorial races. Earlier this month, Trump-backed GOP candidate Matt Bevin lost reelection against Democrat Andy Beshear in Kentucky's gubernatorial race.