Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards will face Republican businessman Eddie Rispone in a Nov. 16 runoff election, after no single gubernatorial candidate was able to win over 50% in a jungle primary Saturday. 

Edwards had received 46% of the vote Saturday, while Rispone was able to garner 28%, which allowed him to beat out GOP rival Rep. Ralph Abraham.

Edwards, who began his term in 2016, is a pro-life, pro-gun conservative Democrat. He has touted his bipartisan successes, such as working with Republicans to turn Louisiana's $2 billion budget deficit left by former Gov. Bobby Jindal into a surplus. 

Rispone has put $11 million of his own money into running for office and has tried to play up his support for President  Trump in order to garner votes. In one ad, Rispone said that Trump's policies are "phenomenal" in regards to the economy and border security. He has also called Edwards a "tax-and-spend" governor. 

Trump has said that Rispone will be a great governor and that taxes and car insurance rates would go down in the state if he wins the runoff. 

In the 2016 presidential election, Trump won the state with 58.1% of the vote compared to Clinton's 38.4%. 

Other major gubernatorial races this fall include Kentucky and Mississippi, which will both take place on Nov. 5.