• Desumi and Fudo talk about their future
  • "Love After World Domination" Episode 9 is airing Friday
  • The episode will stream on Crunchyroll

Desumi Magahara and Fudo Aikawa are together in a room and are talking about their future goals. Then the bell rings, and it is Desumi's father and her sister.

The official website has released the spoilers stills and synopsis of "Love After World Domination" Episode 9. The new episode is titled "My Big Sister Has Changed."

Desuo Magahara and one of Desumi's sisters, Urami Magahara, are waiting for her to open the door. But there is a problem; Fudo is with Desumi and they need to find a way to deal with this tricky situation.

Desuo is a former Gekko combatant and he doesn't want Desumi to go to college after school. He wants her to become part of Gekko and fight for the cause. However, Fudo wants to convince Desuo to let her daughter complete her higher education in a college.

"One spring day, a young, innocent couple sits side by side in a field. Their names are Fudo Aikawa and Desumi Magahara... but they are actually 'Red Gelato,' the leader of the heroic fighting force Gelato 5, and 'Reaper Princess,' a combat force member of the secret evil organization Gekko! These two are supposed to be enemies, so the public can't know that they're dating no matter what," read the official synopsis of "Love After World Domination" anime, as per Crunchyroll.

"All they can do is see each other secretly between fights. This spring day is just another day of them happily enjoying their time together while the fierce flames of a violent battle blaze right next to them!! This is a story of a hero of justice and an evil warrior trying to be lovey-dovey without being seen!" it continued.

The cast of the anime includes Ikumi Hasegawa as Degumi Magahara, Yusuke Kobayashi as Fudo Aikawa, Chafurin as Professor Big Gelato, Ayane Sakura as Anna Hojo, Chinami Hashimoto as Urami Magahara, Hiroki Yasumoto as Culverin Bear, Fumihiko Tachiki as Narrator, Tomokazu Sugita as Supreme Leader Bosslar, Rina Hidaka as Haru Orisugawa or Pink Gelato, Nene Hieda as Misaki Jinguji or Yellow Gelato, M.A.O as Hellko, Miyuki Sawashiro as Kira Sanzugawa and Nashiko Momotsuki as Ran Ran.

The anime is based on the original work by Hiroshi Noda and Takahiro Wakamatsu.

"Love After World Domination" Episode 9 is airing this Friday. Fans in the U.S. can watch the episode online on Crunchyroll. The episode will stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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