There were apparently some pretty intimate scenes from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” series that weren't shown to fans. One of those moments included Mark Cuevas giving former fiancée Jessica Batten a meaningful gift, TMZ reports.

“It was more about two people together and we opened up about a lot of things,” he said in reference to his and Jessica’s experience. “I gave her my grandmother’s bracelet and, you know, that they didn’t show that I was like ‘Hey, I’m welcoming you to my family.’”

[Spoiler Alert!]

The revelation came in response to fans asking why Mark hadn’t broken up with Jessica early on in the show when she’d jeopardized their relationship to be with co-star Matt Barnett.

Despite Jessica’s constant indecisiveness regarding her relationship with Mark, he insisted that their connection was stronger than what fans may have realized.

“We really connected on a deeper level,” he explained to TMZ. “Once you find a love like that you don’t want to let it go. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So, I think when I found that I wanted to hold on as much as I could.”

Mark also noted that he did get his grandmother’s bracelet back from Jessica after she left him at the altar on their wedding day. Furthermore, he doesn’t want fans to treat her poorly given how much pressure goes into deciding whether or not to get married in such a short time span on “Love Is Blind.”

“Everyone is just figuring it out,” the fitness trainer said. “And you’re so engulfed in what the experience is that like... Why hate someone ‘cause everyone figures things out differently? It is what it is... I got nothing but love for her because I became a better man post this entire experience.”

While the reality star avoided sharing anything specific about his current dating situation, he said that fans will be able to find out more about his relationship status soon.

“The reunion comes out March 5. So that’s where all the tea gets spilled,” he said.

“Love Is Blind” is now streaming on Netflix.

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Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” series. Netflix