Despite the controversy and legal battles surrounding e-books, it's clear that lovers of electronic reading aren't going anywhere. E-books are only increasing in popularity and the growing romance and erotic fanbase has had a great deal to do with that. Similarly, reading and writing sultry online fan fiction is becoming immensely popular with women. One site in particular, was created expressly for women and thrives on sexually charged stories.

The site offers women a unique space to share personal experiences, seek advice, and of course unleash their creativity. also features alluring videos and photos. Though the site charges a membership fee, the perks of subscribing are worth it! Members of the community have access to a fun TV channel that features tutorials and how to guides. There are even hot audio stories.

Last Friday, after was featured on ABC's Nightline, the site became flooded with new users. Angie Rowntree, the company's founder revealed : The last week has been incredible, with a traffic spike of over 1000 percent as people flock to the site. The response and feedback has been so positive, it's wonderful.

So what is it about this type of content that women find so appealing? According to Rowntree: What the audience wants to see is a passionate love scene that is filled with chemistry and sensuality. Women want a storyline, like a romance novel come to life.

It's no secret that the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has shed light on women's fantasies and desires. The steamy series has created a dialogue about what women want and need in the bedroom. Romantic e-books and websites have allowed women to discreetly explore their sensual side. For this reason, sales of erotic and romantic fiction have sored. Fifty Shades of Grey currently resides at the top of the New York Times and bestseller list.