Love & Hip Hop Reunion
The "Love & Hip-Hop" reunion part one was not without its usual wild antics VH1

The "Love & Hip-Hip Atlanta" Reunion show part one aired last night on VH1, and while the producer, Mona Scott-Young tried to dispel rumors that carried on throughout the season, the show was not without the usual wild antics of its co-stars.

K. Michelle and Karlie Redd went back and forth about Redd's age, with K. Michelle telling the studio audience, "I'm tired of these old [expletive] Harriet Tubman [expletive]. Redd refuses to reveal her age, though she admits that she has a daughter who she did not want to be a part of the show.

"I'm beautiful, I'm young, I'm talented," Karlie said."I never tell my age."

Meanwhile, Rasheeda argued with K. Michelle, claiming she does not believe her ex-boyfriend, Memphitz, ever abused her. Throughout the season, K. Michelle was very vocal about him hitting her while they were together.

"Something don't make no damn sense," Rasheeda said.

"I don't agree with Rasheeda speaking on if K Michelle got beat. She wasn't there," tweeted viewer @tamekanewhouse.

Throughout the season, many critics argued that the show was a negative portrayal of African-American women, and only worsened stereotypes representing black women as weak and sexually promiscuous.

Scott-Young tried to negate such commentary, saying, "This show was never supposed to be a representation of African-American women everywhere. This show is about your lives, your struggles. And you have every right to tell them."

Mimi Faust agreed, as many viewers saw her as weak, since she stayed with Stevie J for 15 years off and on, while he blatantly cheated on her with numerous women.

During the first episodes of the show, for example, it was revealed that Joseline Hernandez was pregnant. She went to Stevie J, telling him it was his, as they had been having a sexual relationship for at least six months. Stevie J, however, asked her whose baby it was, essentially denying that it was his.

During the reunion, however, when Scott-Young ask Stevie J if he thought it was his baby, Stevie J hesitantly said, "yes."

An even bigger shock came when it was revealed that Hernandez used to go by the name, Shenellica Bettencourt when she was a teenage stripper, and has been in jail over 20 times because of stripping.

And the rumors that she is a man were completely debunked when Scott-Young admitted that Hernandez took the pregnancy test in front of her while completely naked.

Hernandez drew the loudest gasps from the audience, however, when she claimed she was a woman of God, after cursing about five times in the same sentence.

But her antics may have won her even more fans.

"At first I hated Joseline, but she is hilarious you can't do nothin but like her," tweeted @simpingNpimping.

Are you going to watch "Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta" Reunion part two next Monday on VH1?