Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s feud is apparently far from over. Even though Stevie has been posting Instagram messages hinting that he’s trying to wave the white flag, his ex is still taking jabs at him and making accusations about his sexuality.

In an Instagram post Wednesday, the VH1 “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star lashed out at Stevie by sharing a video of a transgender woman threatening to expose something about him. “See you f---ing with the Puerto Rican princess ... so you know what that means now, right? Now everybody’s gonna know about you boo boo,” the woman said. Joseline captioned the video: “#lahhatlreunion #stevie #liedetector U’m going in. When the boy likes what he likes.”

On Monday, Joseline went on a Twitter rant accusing her estranged husband of being gay. “Enough is enough. I’m tired of the disrespect,” she wrote. “You’ve been pushing my buttons online for months. I stayed quiet. I respected everything for years. The secrets, the love, the union, but you didn’t. You took the wrong way [to] go about this. You [should’ve] walked away like a man. Now I’m going to make you become one any lil [sic] you got coming out that body. Every day you choose to loose fathers on me. Now no more tears.”

In several other tweets, she wrote: “Lie detector test about your true liking will be out n---- holla at Jesus for this 1. Why y’all think he gossip so much? He a straight girl. You ain’t got no car, no money, no house, boy you gotta b stopped. BISH [sic] I think I’m dropping the bomb today f--- it.”  

As previously reported, Stevie posted an Instagram video Sunday bashing Joseline’s music career and claiming they were never really married. “[She is] talking about no music on the radio in 20 years. Ma, I still get more residuals off of any song I did in the ’90s than you’ll ever get off any of them bum a--songs you did,” he said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “I got a No. 1 record right now. You’ll never have that ... Be careful, be very careful baby. And I’m not your husband. Never have been and never will be.”

Since his post, however, Stevie has refrained from publicly attacking Joseline. Earlier this week, he addressed the drama by posting a photo that read: “Slander. Words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another. Aspersion. An abusive attack on a person’s character or good name. Defame. Charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone.” He captioned the photo, “Say less.”

Stevie, who appears on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” with Joseline, announced that he had split from her in May. “God, 1 day I need a lovely, virtuous, loyal & God-fearing woman, not now but when You are ready. #ImHappierSingle #LetHerGo,” he wrote.