Stevie J baby Bonnie
“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez share more photos of their daughter, Bonnie. Pictured: Stevie at BMI’s How I Wrote That Song Panel in Los Angeles on Feb. 13, 2016. Getty Images

Proud parents! “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J can’t stop sharing adorable photos of their baby girl, Bonnie Bella. Ever since Joseline gave birth on Dec. 28, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess and her former beau have been flooding social media with images of their daughter.

Thursday night, Joseline shared an Instagram video of her outside taking baby Bonnie on a walk in her stroller. “I’m going on a stroll with my daughter, Bonnie,” Joseline told the camera. “Just walking my baby.” In the video’s caption Joseline said she loves being a mother. In another post, the rapper and VH1 reality star is seen striking a pose next to Bonnie’s stroller. “Soccer mom,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Stevie took to his own Instagram to post a picture of him holding his youngest child against his chest. “Hi Bonnie Bella. Your dad is a protector! #BonnieBella #The Jordans,” he wrote in the caption.

Although Joseline and Stevie haven’t rekindled their romantic relationship, the once lovey-dovey couple decided to put away their issues and work on being the best co-parents for Bonnie. “We gotta come together and be the best parents that we can first and foremost,” Stevie told TMZ last week. “A lot of things were said [and] a lot of things were done that we’re both getting over. It is what it is.”

The music producer went on to say that Joseline was doing a good job adjusting to motherhood and is going to be a “great mom.” On Thursday, Joseline gushed over her new role of being a mother telling her Twitter followers that it was “the greatest feeling on Earth.”

Hopefully, baby Bonnie continues to bring Stevie and Joseline closer together. Just days after giving birth Joseline and her ex reunited to grab a bite to eat. During an Instagram Live video, Joseline told fans that she was out to dinner and then flipped the camera to show Stevie sitting across from her. “See y’all later,” he said blowing a kiss at the camera. “I can’t deal with you Stevie,” she laughed before ending the live streaming session.