"Love Island" left viewers with a major cliffhanger after Wednesday night's episode: Who will Kyra choose?

A little reminder for viewers, Kyra coupled up with Cashel in the beginning, and the two have remained together since then, surviving multiple re-coupling ceremonies. All signs pointed to the two staying together through the series--that is, until episode 12 introduced six new singles into the villa (three girls and three boys), with one of those newbies, Eric, gunning for Kyra's affection. This put the OG couple on the rocks. 

With 17 Islanders now in the villa, America decided which of the newbies would get to stay, while the rest were up for elimination. Voters chose to keep Kelsey and Eric, leaving Marli, Aissata, Ray, and George's fate up to the remaining Islanders. In the end, Marli and George were the ones who had 30 minutes to pack their bags and say their goodbyes. 

The elimination of the two newbies doesn't necessarily mean the rest are safe though. Thursday's episode will feature a re-coupling ceremony, and with newcomer Eric safe and boldly approaching Kyra, the brunette beauty has one tough decision to make. 

Will she remain loyal to her day-one partner Cashel or embark on a new journey with Eric? Based on the "Love Island" veteran's history, it is really up in the air on who she will choose. Fans will have to tune in to Thursday night's episode to find out. 

New episodes of "Love Island" air weeknights at 8 PM ET on CBS.