Summer Nights continues on Hallmark Channel tonight, and International Business Times has an exclusive clip from the network's all-new movie, “Love and Sunshine,” starring Danica McKellar (“Love in Design”) and Mark Deklin (“Switched for Christmas”).

The sweet, summer rom-com centers on American Rescue volunteer Ally Craig (McKellar) and her companion animal, Sunshine, a recently retired military dog who has been helping her recover after a broken-up engagement.

“When [Sunshine’s] military partner Jake Terry (Deklin) returns to claim her, he and Ally discover that loving Sunshine is not the only thing they have in common.”

What else do to the two of them share? Heartbreak, it seems.

In IBT’s exclusive “Love and Sunshine” clip (watch above), while out taking the dog on a walk and getting to know each other a bit better, Ally and Jake learn that they’re both working on putting themselves back together after their previous romantic relationships ended badly.

She reveals to him how the dog helped her through a really harsh breakup, as she was engaged and planning her wedding until her fiancé dumped her over the phone.

“Ouch. That certainly beats my Dear John letter,” he says to her, revealing his own rough breakup.

love sunshine hallmark synopsis
Check out Danica McKellar and Mark Deklin in Hallmark Channel’s “Love and Sunshine” on Saturday. Crown Media / Ryan Plummer

Could Sunshine (and fudge pops) help these two learn to love again, not just with her but with each other?

There will be some difficulties on that journey because both Ally and Jake’s exes want them back, causing some misunderstandings to ensue, but, luckily, a Fourth of July party will help clear things up for Sunshine’s co-owners.

Directed by Ellie Kanner and written by Bart Baker and Glenn Rabney, the Hallmark movie also features Christine Chatelain (Emma), Peter Benson (Ben), Bess Armstrong (Margo), Toby Levins (Sam), Jessie Fraser (Barb), April Telek (Donna), Vera Ann Fredrickson (Lena), Brenda M. Crichlow (Trisha), Daniel Bacon (Denver) and Eileen Barrett (Corine) in its cast.

“Love and Sunshine” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.