How will Chloe (Lauren German) react when she finds out the truth about Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in “Lucifer” Season 3, episode 1? Fox

Two “Lucifer” seasons have passed, and Chloe (Lauren German) still has no idea who Lucifer (Tom Ellis) really is.

But things will finally change in the Season 3 premiere of the hit Fox TV series. Executive producer Ildy Modrovich told Entertainment Weekly that Lucifer will tell Chloe who he really is in episode 1. However, things might not as planned since Lucifer just got his wings back. Chloe will be extremely confused why he says he is the devil when he has angel wings.

Lucifer and Chloe will also have some other things to discuss in “Lucifer” Season 3. A new character named Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) will be introduced in the upcoming episodes. Marcus will be seen in a total of 15 episodes starting in the fall. The charming police lieutenant will take a liking to Chloe, and Lucifer will not be very happy with this.

While speaking with TV Line, Welling shared his thoughts about his character. “The thing I like about Marcus is that he comes a little strong, he’s authoritative and he sort of mixes things up and puts people in their place – especially Chloe,” he said. When asked how Marcus will be linked to Lucifer, Welling said, “My character is going to rock his life. He f---- it up.”

Welling previously starred in “Smallville” for 10 seasons, but since then, he has veered away from starring in major TV shows. But the actor accepted an offer to star in “Lucifer” Season 3 and even asked if his character could appear in 15 instead of the original 10 installments.

According to co-showrunner Joe Henderson, Welling’s casting came at the right time for the actor. “Tom is someone that I think a lot of people tried to get back on TV every year, and we didn’t expect to be able to get him, but he was interested. He liked the show, and honestly, we pitched him from a position of passion,” he said.

Welling added that he was more interested to star in a Fox series and was in negotiations to star in two other TV shows. But he ultimately ended up in “Lucifer.”

“Lucifer” Season 3 will premiere on Fox on Oct. 2 at 8 p.m. EDT.