Luis Ruelas and Teresa Giudice
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  • Luis Ruelas was accused of giving Teresa Giudice's daughters fake Cartier bracelets last Christmas
  • Several netizens slammed Ruelas for allegedly purchasing fake Cartiers for his stepdaughters
  • Some netizens defended Ruelas and said the bracelets were legit but just different from the photos from the website

The Giudice family's lawyer released a statement addressing the rumors that Luis Ruelas gifted Teresa Guidice's daughters fake Cartier bracelets.

Teresa's new husband raised eyebrows for gifting her daughters Cartier bracelets for Christmas. Teresa's daughter Gia filmed herself unboxing the present from her stepdad. The Real Bad Fashions shared close-up photos of the bracelet to prove that Gia's box doesn't bear Cartier's official logo, prompting some netizens to react and many to doubt the item's authenticity.

"I knew it!!! The inside of that box looked too janky for a brand new Cartier box," one commented. Another added, "Omg. I have a Cartier box, and even the box is ultra-lux. Teresa's dorter's [sic] box looks cheap and fake."

"Also that's a box that has the space for the screw from the LOVE bangle. So either she switched the boxes, or it's a fake box or...? Also, the Cartier logo on her box is larger than the real one," a third user wrote.

Some netizens defended Ruelas. Several said that the comparison of photos from the website and the present Gia received wasn't justifiable. Another slammed the netizen who posted the photos and accused them of hating on Ruelas.

"Just to be fair... Images on the websites aren't accurate all the time, especially packaging-wise. I have padded and non-padded boxes, and both are authentic. I am not saying theirs are either or, I'm just saying you can't base your whole point on the website photos lol," one wrote.

"It's real. I just went to the Cartier flagship and got a bracelet for Christmas. The inside is padded where the logo is. It's real. Most fakes have the Cartier logo on the top of the box," another added.

"Why don't you tell your followers that this is only one type of bracelet you've shown? When there are a few variations of that. And clearly, your picture is different. We can all go onto the website and look ourselves you've not even got the right bracelet. Y'all just love to hate on ppl. It's laughable because this post is LYING," a third commenter opined.

Meanwhile, the Guidice family's lawyer, James Leonard, released a statement to Page Six addressing the debate whether Ruelas' Christmas gifts for her daughters were authentic or not by asking the people to focus on something else than their Cartier bracelets, which her daughters reportedly enjoyed.

"I think in the spirit of what Christmas is really all about, people's focus should be elsewhere and not on something silly like this," Leonard said. "That being said, the girls are very happy with their bracelets and grateful to have received them."

Teresa Giudice
Teresa Guidice was labeled “selfish” because of her plan to divorce husband Joe Giudice in case he gets deported. Pictured: The reality star attending Z100’s Jingle Ball 2018 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Dec. 7, 2018. Monica Schipper/Getty Images