Lulzsecand Anonymous Message FBI
Hacker collectives LulzSec and Anonymous have sent a new message to the U.S. FBI after the law enforcement agency promised to increase the ferocity of its campaign against hacking. IBTimes / LulzSec / Web Ninjas

The FBI and Scotland Yard arrested a British 19-year-old man suspected of masterminding behind LulzSec.

Ryan Cleary was arrested at his detached family home, in a pre-planned intelligence-led operation in Wickford, Essex, according to the Metropolitan Police.

Detectives believe Cleary was a major player with LulzSec. Arrested by officers from Scotland Yard's specialist e-crime unit, Cleary was being questioned at a central London station under the Computer Misuse Act and Fraud Act.

Lawyers said U.S. prosecutors may demand Cleary to face justice across the Atlantic.

After the arrest, LulzSec tweeted, Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it's all over now... wait... we're all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?

Web Ninjas, a group that recently emerged to expose LulzSec's identities, said in its website that Cleary is not LulzSec's leader.

As media groups think that Ryan is a leader of LulzSec, Sorry guys its not him. Its our Sabu. Ryan was just an IRC operator for them. Well bad news for LulzSec, count your days as we count your heads, How about this for LULZ? Web Ninjas stated.

Web Ninjas insisted the leader of LuzSec is Sabu, who is on Twitter under the name of anonymouSabu. LulzSec's key operatives have been rumored to have close ties with the hacker group Anonymous, using some of the same nicknames on the Internet. Sabu is said to be close to 30, relatively intelligent, and resentful of authority figures and successful people, according to USA Today. Four other players are listed as LulzSec's key figures; Tflow, Topiary, Kayla, and Joepie91.

In Tuesday's tweet, Sabu said FYI all members of lulzsec are safe. Ryan Clearly has little to do with lulzsec besides running Media needs to fix story.

Sabu, we know you are safe until FBI and their friends reaches your home, Web Ninjas challenged LulzSec.

Last week, 32 of Anonymous members have been allegedly arrested by Turkish authorities. Is LulzSec next? Even if all the hackers are eventually busted, this might just mark the beginning of another era of great hacker war, for which LulzSec and Anonymous have laid the seedbed.