LulzSec Reborn: Hacker Group Exposes Over 171,000 U.S. Military Accounts, Hacks CSS Corp. LulzSec

Following the arrest of the members of the notorious hacker group LulzSec earlier this month, it was thought that the group had wound up its show. But now it seems that it was just a temporary call-off as the hacker group has apparently taken a rebirth as LulzSecReborn and broken into two websites.

The infamous group claimed that it had hacked the military dating website and exposed 170,937 email accounts, the Sydney morning Herald reported. The programmers of the site are investigating the attack and are taking measures to increase the site's security, the report added.

We at ESingles Inc. are aware of the claim that someone has hacked and are currently investigating the situation, the company that runs the website stated. At this time there is no actual evidence that was hacked and it is possible that the Tweet from Operation Digiturk is simply a false claim.

LulzSec replied to the comment, pointing to this link via Twitter. The link leads to a white page in the MilitarySingles website that shows the message: LulzSec is SB,F**k!

After the MilitarySingles data dump, the hacker group also targeted CSS Corp, a global information and communications technology company, and leaked confidential data including email addresses, names, passwords, user IDs and usernames via Pastebin, Softpedia reported.

And admins from CSS Corp I know that you are smarter than the others please don't search for proof we will delete your whole database, the hackers tweeted.

According to Softpedia, LulzSecReborn is powered by veteran hackers who have been known to breach important sites. As of now, there are no members of the original LulzSec present in the new group.

We are not the old LulzSec. The idea is to continue what some have started and never managed to finish. At the same time we want to avenge the ones that were arrested, Softpedia quoted one of the hackers as saying.