Idris Elba might not be done with DCI John Luther yet. The actor hinted that “Luther” Season 5 might be a serious possibility.

During a Q&A on Twitter Sunday, Elba responded to a fan who asked if the BBC America series might have another season. The 43-year-old said there is a “big chance” that the detective drama could return.

“Luther” follows a British detective (Elba) who has demons of his own. After losing his wife and his right hand man, Luther has a serious dark side. However, that twisted part of his brain helps him track down some of London’s worst criminals.

Unlike most American TV shows, the U.K. drama takes extremely long breaks. After Season 1 in 2010 and Season 2 in 2011, there was a two-year wait for Season 3. Season 4 came another two years later in December 2015, and it was only 2 episodes long.

With Elba’s busy film career, it’s easy to see why his return might be hard to schedule. He is currently filming “Thor: Ragnarok,” and he recently finished working on the highly-anticipated Stephen King adaptation, “The Dark Tower.” Yet it seems Elba would be willing. He hinted earlier this summer that “Luther” could come back.

“All I can tell you is that there has been some thought,” Elba laughed to the Hollywood Reporter in June. “The great thing about ‘Luther’ is that you never know what may or may not happen next. I think that’s part of its appeal. Each season feels like a capsule, but then you feel like, ‘Oh, it’s got to come back.’ I will say that there has certainly been some thought about what to do next … if anything.”

It sounds like his co-stars would be up for a return as well. Rose Leslie, who was introduced in Season 4 as DS Emma Lane, made it clear that whether the show continues in the form of a movie or another season on TV, the “Game of Thrones” alum is ready to join the cast again.

“I think that it’s just so brilliant. The writing is incredibly gritty and raw — and if you are a Londoner watching it, it’s even more harrowing,” she told Digital Spy in May. “I’ve just adored it from the beginning. So yeah, I would be back at the drop of a hat, if it were to go again.”

BBC, which airs the series in the U.K., has not officially determined the series’ fate yet.