Strong winds forecasted for Thanksgiving could ground Snoopy, Spongebob, and the rest of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons.

As part of several winter fronts across the U.S., a cold front is forecasted to roll through New York City Wednesday night into Thursday morning. It is expected to bring winter temperatures and strong winds for Thanksgiving Day. It could also force parade officials to ground balloons if wind speeds are deemed too dangerous.

“Gusts are forecast to frequent 30-50 mph from the north and northwest on Thanksgiving Day in the New York metro area,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Courtney Travis. “Winds this strong will be a safety concern for balloon handlers and spectators along the parade route.”

According to city regulations, sustained winds of 23 mph and gusts over 34 mph will require the massive balloons to stay grounded. However, the “canyon effect” of New York City’s tall buildings creates another challenge in forecasting the winds.

“Tomorrow before the event we will make a determination,” New York Police Department’s Chief of Patrol James P. Hall told reporters.

The only time New York City has ever been forced to ground the balloons due to bad weather was for the 1971 edition.

Current regulations were put in place because of an incident in 1998 that left a woman in a coma. A strong gust of wind reportedly blew the Cat in the Hat balloon into a streetlight. The light then fell and struck the woman in the head.

The balloons are scheduled to be inflated Wednesday night into Thursday morning near the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

The Snoopy balloon floats down Central Park West during the 88th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York Nov. 27, 2014. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz