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"Mad Men" promotional photo FaceBook/AMC

The “Mad Men” season 6 finale “In Care Of” featured many bombshells along with allusions to more changes that will affect the future of Sterling, Cooper and Partners. Pete receives bad news about his mother falling off of a ship; Don Draper reveals his desire to leave the East Coast, and Ted and Peggy stop beating around the bush among other conflicts in this episode. Take a look at a special edition of “’Mad Men’ Animated and Annotated,” in Vine clips.

Don reveals to Megan that he needs a change of scenery and his intention to go to California.

Pete confronts Bob Benson about the disappearance of his mother from a cruise ship.

Frustrated about the whereabouts of his mother and angry at Bob Benson, Pete mistakenly drives a show car in reverse in a lobby.

Ted and Peggy finally stop beating around the bush when Ted finally confesses his love to her.

However, that is short lived as Ted approaches Don about taking his place for California instead in an attempt to keep his family life together.

Don is confronted “intervention” style about his problems and is put on an extended leave for a few months.

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