Last night’s episode of “Mad Men” featured lots of shockers from Ken Cosgrove getting shot, Don pulls a dirty move and pins Peggy’s ad idea for St. Joseph’s to the late Frank Gleason.  Other crazy things that happened throughout the episode also included, Bob Benson yelling on the phone unexpectedly in fluent Spanish, and Sally smoking alongside her mother, Betty Francis. Take a look at some “Mad Men” annotated and animated from season six, episode twelve: “The Quality of Mercy”.

Ken Cosgrove gets shot “Dick Cheney” style while hunting out in the woods.

Peggy, Ted, and Joan pitch an idea for the St. Joseph’s ad campaign.

We would have made a GIF for Don crying like a baby, after Ted tells him to go along with it, but this Vine video does a better job at showing it.


Bob Benson surprisingly breaks out into fluent Spanish complaining about Pete Campbell.

Sally lights up a cigarette alongside her mother. Instead of Betty freaking out, she only glances briefly before taking another puff of her cigarette.

Peggy calls Don a monster for his underhanded move at the account meeting with St. Joseph’s .

After Don’s encounter with Peggy, he lies back down on the couch in a fetal position, bringing his “baby cry” full circle.

What other moments did you love about last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments.