Mad Men returns to the airwaves March 25 at 9pm (EST) on AMC in a special two-hour premiere, which many fans hope will make up for its prolonged absence. If you're a die-hard fan, you've probably even taken a peak at the series' official countdown timer.

Now there's something else to stare at while you wait for the series premier: AMC has unveiled another official Mad Men Season 5 poster on the show's website.

The image features Don Draper staring into a storefront where two mannequins are standing. One of the mannequins is completely naked, with what appears to be a dress at its feet. The other mannequin is sitting cross-legged in a chair, wearing a robe and slippers.

Don Draper's inquisitive stare is reflected in the glass.

This is a dreamlike image, said Matthew Weiner, who created the series, in a New York Times interview. He described the image as a nonverbal representation of where my head is at and where the show will be.

By the end of the season, he said, I guarantee you'll know what it is about.