Mad Men
Stan (Jay R. Ferguson, left) and Peggy (Elisabeth Moss, right) confess their love in the "Mad Men" series finale. AMC

Most of the debate around Sunday’s series finale of “Mad Men” has centered on Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and his meditation-fueled conception of a real life 1971 Coke ad. However, there was no doubt that the show’s fans’ favorite moment was Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Stan’s (Jay R. Ferguson) seasons-in-the-making love confession. The new couple’s kiss sent the “Mad Men” blogosphere spinning and, apparently, the show’s cast was just as tickled by the twist romance as its viewers.

Jay R. Ferguson, who plays Stan Rizzo, told TV Line that keeping the smooch a secret was extremely difficult and that he was just as excited for the big moment as the fans.

“It’s been a tough secret to keep for a long time. It’s so liberating to now be done with worrying about it slipping out in some weird way,” said Ferguson. “Listen, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I was ‘shipping it, as well. [Elizabeth Moss] and I both had kind of secretly been rooting for that for a long time, so we were all really happy.”

As for Peggy, Elisabeth Moss has not given an in depth interview about her reaction to the scene, but she does seem pretty happy about the relationship on social media. Moss posted a picture of herself and Ferguson from the “Mad Men” set on Instagram Tuesday with the caption, “Peggy and Stan Forever!”

Jon Hamm, on the other hand, was happy to see the two characters get together, but also felt that Peggy’s true triumph came earlier in the season.

“The romantic stuff with Stan is nice and warm and fuzzy, but to me, Peggy’s larger resolution was in the penultimate episode when she walks into McCann, the cock of the walk, and takes what’s hers,” Hamm told the New York Times.

Watch Peggy and Stan confess their love in a clip from the “Mad Men” series finale below:

Will Stan and Peggy really live happily ever after? That will be left to the fans’ imaginations.