With the White House showcasing products from each state as part of its "Made in America" week, President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump have come under scrutiny for not making the concept a part of their own lives.

Critics mocked the president after it was reported that Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida has asked permission to hire 70 foreign workers in the middle of "Made in America" week.

Meanwhile, Ivanka, an entrepreneur and a regular at White House events like this, was not to be seen in any of the festivities this week. Although, it's unclear whether Ivanka will participate in the event in any capacity, critics were quick to analyze the reason for her absence. It's likely that the first daughter is not appearing at the events as her own brand of apparel and accessories is manufactured overseas, CNN reported.

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The requests for foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago, which intends to hire 15 housekeepers, 20 cooks and 35 servers, were filed with the Labor Department earlier this month and got posted on a public job registry Thursday. Those hired will start their work from October and continue till May 2018; they would be paid a minimum wage of $10.33, $11.88 and $13.34 per hour but would be eligible for higher wages with overtime, a report said.

This is quite ironic as Trump had based his presidential campaign last year around the slogan of "Buy American and Hire American," and continued to promote the idea during his time in office. In April, he signed an executive order under that slogan in an effort "to create higher wages and employment rates for workers in the United States."

Social media users labeled Trump a hypocrite for not following what he has been emphasizing ever since he started the campaign for the presidentship.

David Fahrenthold‏, a Washington Post reporter who covers Trump's business and conflicts of interest, tweeted how he has asked questions regarding hiring of foreign nationals at Mar-a-Lago at @trump Org. He also tweeted he hasn't received any replies yet.

Rep. Ted Lieu from California tweeted a photo of himself wearing a hat made in the U.S. . He tagged Trump and Ivanka, saying unlike their products which are not manufactured in the country, he is wearing one which was made in the U.S.

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Meanwhile, some Twitter users targeted Ivanka for her silence during the "Made In America" week. 

Adrian Carrasquillo, White House Correspondent For BuzzFeed News, tweeted about White House press secretary Sean Spicer being asked whether Trump organizations or Ivanka's brands would ever commit to make all their products in the U.S.because of the "Made In America" week. 

Last year, the Washington Post released a complete list of all the Trump merchandise that is not manufactured in the U.S.

 Ivanka Trump apparel, Ivanka Trump Shoes, Donald Trump Ties, Donald Trump Suits, Donald Trump Dress Shirts, Donald Trump Chandeliers, and Trump Throw blanket are all manufactured outside the U.S.