Tyler Perry released a minute-long trailer on Thursday for his new comedy, Madea Witness Protection, featuring his most popular creation, Madea, played by the cross-dressing Perry himself. The film will be the fourteenth in Perry's franchise and the seventh featuring Madea.

The plot of Madea Witness Protection follows George Needleman (Eugene Levy), a high level CFO tangled up in a Ponzi scheme in New York. Falsely accused of organizing a scheme involving the mafia, he enters into the witness protection program and finds himself heading south to live with Madea and her brother Joe.

Although the trailer for Tyler Perry's new film focuses on the Madea character, in previous films the matronly figure has mainly served as a supporting character providing comic relief. However, Madea is a perennial fan favorite, and so it's no surprise that she dominates the trailer, alongside Eugene Levy, who should add some legitimacy and a new dimension of comedy to the movie.

Check out the brand new trailer for Madea Witness Protection below.