A fisherman in Maine wound up the history books for catching a calico colored crustacean off the coast on Friday.

The lobster was bifurcated into black and orange halves like the Two-face villain from Batman. Experts claimed the Halloween-Esque hue of the lobster came from a genetic mutation.

The reason for the fisherman’s fame is because it is a one-in-50 million find.

Captain Daryl Dunham, was the fisherman who found the two-toned crustacean near Stonington, a cluster of islands southwest of Bar Harbor. He donated the calico lobster to the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries.

Luckily, the one-of-a-kind lobster is not going to be alone.

The bicolored male completed a quartet of colorful crustaceans on display at the same center. There are two calico lobsters at the center which are one in 30 million finds. 

He will also be staying with a blue lobster which is a two in one million find.

Apparently, all of the lobsters at the center are genetic mutations and assist in genetic research of marine animals. 

Interestingly, the odds of this crew being in the same tank were estimated at 90 octillion by experts.

The center claimed the lobster is going to spend a stint at the touch tank where visitors are going to be able to feel the rare lobsters exterior. 

The staff will then thank the lobster for its service and set him free in the New England bay where it was originally caught.

The Maine Center recently also posted a picture of Captain Dunham with the lobster on their Facebook page. The status claimed they had seen some cool lobsters in their touch tank over the years, and the lobster would be a great addition.

The center then invited the public to come and visit the discovery wharf to learn everything about the lobster fishery in Maine and the unique catch.

The post on social media prompted several reactions from the public. One commenter even said the lobster looked like it was half-cooked.  

Captain Dunham added that colorful crustaceans like the unusual find appeared more frequently in nature than people would expect. He even claims to have seen a blue and calico blend.