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U.S. actor Brad Pitt arrives for the opening ceremony of the 35th International Film Festival in Moscow, June 20, 2013. Reuters

Victims of Hurricane Katrina, who were provided homes by actor Brad Pitt’s charity, "Make It Right" have reportedly said that their homes are rotting, leading the foundation to seek damages from a timber company.

According to media reports, more than two dozen homes that the actor's charity built are rotting from the inside out.

“The wood turned gray and it was also black,” Nola Verett, owner of one of the homes built by the charity, told “Also some parts it was buckling and it had mushrooms growing out of it. Different neighbourhoods saw it, too.”

According to a report from the New Orleans Advocate, "Make It Right" has blamed TimberSIL, a company that supplied the lumber for the houses.

“It was unable to withstand moisture, which is obviously a big problem in New Orleans,” Taylor Royle, the charity's communications director, told the New Orleans Advocate.

Reports state that the wood used to build the homes was guaranteed for 40 years, but the replacement project will cost "Make It Right" $150,000 and the organization is said to be taking legal action in the matter.

Meanwhile, the homeowners don’t seem upset with the Hollywood actor, and have instead rested their faith in the foundation to do the right thing.

“One thing I can say about make it right, they always make it right. And if there’s a problem they take care of it. So we love them,” Verett said, while yet another resident of the neighbourhood said: “They’re going to replace it. They ain’t no trouble.”

According to reports, crew members of "Make It Right" have started repairing the homes in the neighbourhood.

“They did the front porch, the back stairs, and the balcony by the back bedroom,” Verett said adding that the defective wood was being replaced with yellow pine.

Brad Pitt is reported to be busy with the filming of his new movie "Fury" in London.