Put away the dark eye shadows because spring and summer is all about pretty pinks and a little bit of sparkle. We got a chance to try Pixi's new PixiGlow Tinkerbell collection, and it is exactly what every girl needs for the spring/summer season.

PixiGlow is inspired by Disney's Tinkerbell, and aims to capture the fairy's fresh-faced, glowing, timeless beauty. After trying some of the latest products out first hand, I can tell you that PixiGlow does just that!

Magic Tink Tint

Hands down the Magic Tink Tint lip balm was my favorite item from the PixiGlow collection before I even had a chance to try the others. The Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink goes on clear, and like magic, turns into a really pretty pink on your lips.

The color wasn't too overpowering and cheesy like some pink colors tend to be. According to the product description the lip balm is supposed to tease an individual's own unique pink hue, and it did. Even better than the beautiful natural color that I had on my lips, was that the gel crayon really moisturizes your lips. My lips were smooth, popping with a tint of color and didn't have the caked on flaky look.

Straight On Till Morning Liner

The name of this product isn't lying. I put the eyeliner on when I got up at 4 a.m. to go to work, and when I went to reapply before heading to a happy hour at 5 p.m. it was like I had just applied it.

I tried Straight On Till Morning liner in 2nd Star Twinkle. The color is a deep green with the perfect amount of sparkle to it. Generally I think sparkly makeup should be applied more for nights out, but it was so subtle that the slight glimmer actually brightened my eyes without making me look like I was going to a rave.

While I liked the glimmer, with my blue eyes I wouldn't necessarily go for a deep green. The Straight on Till Morning liner was easy to glide on though, and definitely waterproof and long lasting.

Fairy Dust

PixiGlow's Fairy Dust is a super cool product. Fairy Dust is a loose glimmery powder pigment (in a creamy gold) with an easy applicator. The Fairy Dust is supposed to add a high shine finish to eye lids, and it really does. While glimmer eye lids aren't my personal thing, I use this on the inner corners of my eyes. A little dab on in the inner corners makes my eyes look wide awake. Getting up at 4 a.m. I heavily rely on makeup, and so far the Fairy Dust has helped me look less like a zombie, and more like I'm ready to roll.

Catching Shadows Crayon

The Catching Shadow Crayon in Beaming Reflection, is a really pretty creamy dude color. With that perfect amount of glimmer that brightens up your face, the crayon is really fabulous for lighting up your eyes.

I've never had good luck with shadow crayons, finding the products I've tried to be dry and hard to apply, but the crayon from PixiGlow is great. The color glides on real smooth and isn't overwhelming.

Pixi Glow Nail Color

I'm not going to lie. The nail polish color looks really frightening in the bottle, but it's definitely more appealing when applied. The color is Pirouette Pink and honestly it's like painting your nails with a pink highlighter. I'd consider Pirouette Pink a real neon color, which is still a hot color trend.

The nail polish is super girly, and super perfect for the spring/summer months (it would be offensive to wear this color in the fall/winter).

Fairy Face Palette

Normally I'm not for palettes because I feel they are too bulky to lug around, but the Fairy Face Palette was fun to experiment with. The palette features five eye colors, three color blush palette, five lip creams, double ended eye applicator, blush bush and a double ended lip applicator.

The colors in the palette are champagne/rose and really pretty for creating a fresh glowing face. Out of everything in the Fairy Face Palette, my favorite item was the blush. A slight glimmer to it really brightened up my cheeks. Lip creams aren't my favorite but the color range is wide and really flattering. The eye shadows featured in the palette were really pretty colors as well. With all the cosmetics applied, I honestly did feel fresh faced and glowing.

Pixi makeup hails from London. Over 10 years ago, makeup artist Petra Strand launched a boutique in Soho, London for her products that as she puts it create a naturally radiant 'just had a good night's sleep' look.

The cosmetic company is currently offering some pretty great online activities for their Facebook fans and Twitter followers. A sweepstakes on Pixi Beauty's Facebook page is offering fans a chance to win a PixiGlow makeup kit. You have until May 16 to try to win one of the 25 makeup kits!

Think you want to give the products a try for yourself? PixiGlow's New Tinker Bell line is available at Target, or online at pixibeauty.com. The site currently has a promotion! Use the promo code PIXITWENTY to get 20% off your purchase, and free shipping on orders over $50.