Season 18 of “Dancing with the Stars” might have ended, but speculation over the relationship status of Mirrorball champions Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy has not. The 2014 Sochi Olympic winner seemed perturbed when she was asked about her connection with the professional dancer, which many believe is romantic.

Maks’ brother Val, who is also a dancer on the hit ABC reality show, gushed to Us Weekly that the former ballroom partners have a “King Kong” type of relationship where Maks like to protect Davis, but the skater was speechless when Fox411 questioned her about the comment.

"Wow ... I don't even know what to say," Davis said. "I like to keep my personal life personal but OK, Val ... he's going to be getting a call this afternoon."

Val told reports at Us Weekly his brother “adores” Davis and “loves her probably more than I've seen him love another woman.” He then tried to backpedal by condemning it as a “King Kong” relationship.

But Karina Smirnoff, another “DWTS” pro, chalked Maks and Davis’ up to good acting. She previously explained to the news site that good dancers are able to convince viewers they connection they portray on the ballroom is real offstage as well.

It’s certainly not the first time Davis has been subjected to dating rumors. She and Olympic skating partner Charlie White, who also appeared on Season 18 of “DWTS,” were long thought to be in a relationship, even though White has been with his girlfriend for years.

White, who was booted from “DWTS" before the semi-finals, told Fox411 he and Davis would be vacationing separately in the near future. "We've been together now pretty consistently for a while and so it's good to take a break every now and then," he said.