New scenes from “Maleficent 2” were teased at the D23 event recently. While this video has not been released to the fans, scene descriptions have surfaced online. Meanwhile, Disney has released a new poster of the movie.

The main plot of the upcoming film is about Aurora (Elle Fanning) moving away from her home and getting married to Prince Phillip (Harris Dickinson). While there are no problems with the bridegroom, the future mother-in-law has a sinister plan that will lead to a new war.

The video that was shown at the D23 event was about the Aurora’s engagement, Screen Rant reported. One of the scenes showed the princess bringing Maleficent to the castle to let her meet the bridegroom and his parents.

The turning point in the relationship comes at the dinner table, where the king and queen talk about Maleficent’s curse on Aurora as if it was just a fairytale. Angelina Jolie’s character is concerned about the missing fairies that appear to be kidnapped by humans, but the royals don’t care about that.

The last straw for Jolie’s character at the dinner is when Queen Ingrith (Michelle Pfeiffer) remarks that Aurora will finally have a real mother after the marriage. This remark triggers the war between humans and fairies in “Maleficent 2.”

While the main villain of the film is Queen Ingrith, Jolie’s character will also get to showcase her dark side. The new poster of the movie that has been released on Instagram shows how the two sides have their own darkness to deal with, and the only hope of the future is in Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip who are in the middle of the two warring sides.

Jolie too is excited about seeing her character in full glory with the horns and the wings. In an interview with Yahoo, the actress said that her character with the horns and wings in every scene is “full crazy.” She added that she had fun playing the character and she pointed out that children love this role.

“Maleficent 2” will be released on Oct. 18.

Maleficent 2
There may be two villains in "Maleficent 2." Maleficent/ Facebook