• Geno Doak was sentenced to 16 months in his crack cocaine case
  • Mama June Shannon was spotted with another man amid Geno’s sentencing
  • The man admitted that he and Mama June kissed on their first date

Mama June Shannon’s longtime boyfriend Geno Doak has been handed a 16-month sentence in his drug case, while the reality star was spotted with a new man following their rumored split.

The 45-year-old was sentenced to one year and four months in Macon Community Corrections in Alabama in his crack cocaine case, according to the legal documents obtained by TMZ Wednesday.

Although Geno has been registered as an inmate after copping a plea deal, he will not be put behind bars physically. However, he will have to strictly follow some rules, or he’ll be locked up in prison, the outlet has learned.

After serving the 16 months, Geno will still have to be placed on probation for 24 months. He was also asked to complete a substance abuse treatment/evaluation as part of the deal he made with authorities.

It can be noted that in the finale of “Mama June: From Not To Hot” Season 5, Geno’s fate was not disclosed since filming for the show wrapped up way before his sentencing.

Meanwhile, Mama June, who turned 42 on Tuesday, was spared from serving jail time in her crack cocaine possession case, which stemmed from her and Geno’s arrest in March 2019 for drug-related charges. She agreed to 100 hours of community service and court supervision at the time.

The news of Geno’s sentencing comes just a day after Mama June sparked romance rumors when she was spotted with a new man on social media.

A YouTube channel called Backwoods Barbi shared a video Tuesday showing photos and clips of Mama June and a bearded man named Jay. Jay is a TikTok user who recently turned heads after uploading a clip of his first encounter with his “celebrity crush,” who turned out to be Mama June.

In the clip, which Backwoods Barbi also included in the YouTube video, Jay could be seen flashing a big smile while getting a kiss on the cheek from the We TV star. The clip allegedly got the attention of Mama June’s fans, who instantly flooded Jay’s latest livestream with questions of whether they are together.

In response, Jay made it clear that he and Mama June are not an item. But he did admit that he took the reality TV star out for dinner and that they spent time together and even kissed. Nevertheless, he insisted that they never hooked up.

Mama June’s sighting with Jay comes amid her rumored breakup with Geno. Fans previously claimed online that they saw Mama June moving to Florence, Alabama, after her supposed split from Geno.

The breakup rumors started when Geno shared a cryptic post on his Instagram last week with the underlying message of letting go of someone who wanted their freedom.

Both Mama June and Geno have yet to personally address their rumored split to the press.

Mama June and family
Pictured: Honey Boo Boo, Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak attend the 2nd Annual Bossip “Best Dressed List” event at Avenue in Los Angles on July 31, 2018. Getty Images/Robin L. Marshall