In a shocking case of animal cruelty in China, a man was caught on camera dragging a dog with his car.

According to local reports, right after adopting the dog on June 5, the man tied the canine to the back of his car as the animal’s stench was too strong. Video of the incident showed a black dog being dragged by the car and at one point, the vehicle halts at a traffic light and the canine collapses from exhaustion. When the light turns green again, the dog is again forced to get up and run behind the car. However, the dog collapses and is dragged by the vehicle. Not once, did the man stop to check whether the dog was alright.

The incident sparked outrage after several passersby uploaded photos and videos of the incident on social media. The outrage prompted police to detain the man and question him during which he admitted to the act. The unnamed man was reportedly fined 100 yuan ($15) as the case continued to remain under investigation.

In a similar incident in Malaysia in February 2019, a man was caught on camera dragging a dog with a pick-up truck. Video of the incident, which caused outrage among the netizens, showed a white dog being dragged by its leash. A police complaint was filed and the man was taken into custody.

"We have also taken statements from the vehicle owner, who said that his 58-year-old father was the one behind the wheel during the incident. The man had allegedly wanted to abandon the dog because it was always biting the wiring at his house. The man claimed he was not aware that the dog, which had been placed in the back of the vehicle, had fallen off and was being dragged,” a police officer said, adding the accused was looking after the canine since it was a year old.