• The child was abducted on his way to his tutor's house
  • The child was last seen being driven somewhere in the suspect's vehicle
  • Suspect said he thought the police would not be able to identify the minor's body

A 21-year-old man in India has been arrested for allegedly killing his 6-year-old brother-in-law, following an argument with his wife.

Sohail Shaikh allegedly kidnapped his brother-in-law, Riyan, in an attempt to teach his wife a “lesson,” and killed him out of fear of being caught. The incident occurred in the state of Gujarat.

Riyan allegedly left home to visit his tutor for a class on Jan. 24. After he failed to return on time, Riyan’s mother, Batul Shaikh, grew concerned and visited the tutor to inquire about her son. However, the tutor told the child’s family Riyan had not visited him for a class that day, The Times of India reported.

The family then filed a police complaint, and intensified the search by posting missing person’s flyers around the neighborhood.

As the police started questioning people in the area, a man, identified as Vijay Parmar, told the investigators he saw the child being driven somewhere in Sohail’s vehicle. Later, the police found a body in a canal, and identified the deceased person as Riyan, media outlet India Today reported.

Investigators interrogated Sohail on Friday morning, following which he confessed to killing the child. Sohail told the officers he had married Riyan’s sister, Zara, three years ago. The couple allegedly had been arguing a lot recently and Sohail wanted to teach his wife a "lesson."

Sohail decided to kidnap Riyan because Zara was close to her brother. He told the officers he thought he would get caught when the family started looking for the boy and decided to kill him, The Times of India reported. Sohail told the officers he disposed of the body in the canal because he was under the impression that police would never be able to determine it was Riyan.

Last year, a 30-year-old woman was accused of killing three of her four daughters, following an altercation with her husband. The woman allegedly packed her bags and left the house with her daughters following the argument. But, on the way, she threw her daughters in the pond and fled the area. Three children drowned while the fourth child managed to survive. She was later rescued by local villagers.

Representation. A police line. Pixabay