• Ahren DeHart died April 16 after suffering severe injuries 
  • Marvin Lake, the person who was watching the 1-year-old boy, was arrested Monday
  • Lake is charged with capital murder

A Texas man arrested on charges of brutally killing a 1-year-old boy admitted to using wrestling-style moves on the infant while the toddler was left under his care, court documents reveal.

Marvin Lake, 24, was arrested Monday on charges of capital murder for the death of 1-year-old Ahren DeHart while babysitting the toddler. The boy, who was critically injured during the incident and hospitalized for a few days, died on April 16.

Ahren, along with another infant and a toddler, were left under Lake’s care while the children’s mothers went to work. When Ahren's mother and the other mother, identified as “witness Schneider” in court records, returned before midnight on April 12, they found Ahren unresponsive and not breathing properly.

The child was rushed to a hospital where he was placed on life support. The doctors described the injuries as “acute and non-accidental,” according to CBS4 Local.

The arrest affidavit indicated that the child's injuries included brain damage, skull fracture and hemorrhaging of the lungs. A medical examination revealed that the infant had numerous bruises and abdominal injuries.

The investigators said that Lake had changed his story throughout the police interview. He initially claimed that he had no idea how the child was injured. He said the baby was sitting on a futon and was watching television.

He later admitted that he had used “wrestling style” moves on the infant, causing internal injuries. Lake told the investigators that at one point the baby slipped from his hand and struck the frame of a futon.

When he was confronted with the other injuries, he admitted that he held the baby too tight after he got upset when the child reportedly ripped a pillow.

“I did not hurt his head, I only caused the internal injuries,” Lake reportedly told the police.

Lake allegedly told the police that he had anger management issues and did not realize his own strength when he held the baby in a tight hold.

Lake reportedly asked the police for reimbursement for damages to his futon a day before the boy was pronounced dead.

The child’s parents knew Lake prior to the incident, and he was reportedly a family friend. Lake was arranged as a last-minute child care option after the child's usual babysitter called out sick, the family said.

Medical examiners ruled Ahren's death a homicide on Monday. Lake is currently being held without bond.

arrest Representational image Photo: Pixabay