A South Florida man stands accused of manslaughter after beating a peeping Tom to death. The latter had allegedly watched him and his girlfriend having sex through a window, police said.

Cops arrested Victor Vickery, 30, of Delray Beach on Oct. 17, Thursday after a long haul investigation into the crime that took place in July 2018. He was jailed on a $100,000 bail bond thereafter.

Vickery and his girlfriend Samantha Hobi were warming up for the sexual intercourse at Hobi’s Fort Lauderdale home was when they noticed Asaad Akar, 57, sneakily looking at them from outside. Hobi notified the police immediately about the incident, adding that Vickery was holding him down in the yard. Vickery allegedly ran barefoot and naked to confront the man standing beneath their bedroom window masturbating.

On arrival, police had found Akar lying unconsciously in a pool of blood. Akar was then rushed to Broward North Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner said he died of blunt force trauma.

Sgt. Steven Novak in the arrest affidavit had quoted Vickery as saying that both Vickery and his girlfriend were naked and in bed “and they were getting intimate when they heard a scratching on the window and possibly somebody pulling on it,” Fox News reported.

Vickery told police that his girlfriend kept complaining about being watched over through her windows when he paid her regular visits to her home. Vickery, with dried blood all over and glaring bloodstains on his foot, defended himself by saying he just kicked Akbar once but the medical examiner refuted his claims saying there were life-threatening injuries in the victim’s head and torso.

Vickery and Akar were in the midst of a physical scuffle when Hobi called the cops, who could clearly hear her saying, "Tori, stop. Tori, that's enough."

Novak, following a lengthy investigation, affirmed Vickery’s claim about Akar peeping through his girlfriend’s window repeatedly. As per the evidence, Akar was previously reported multiple times for peeping through windows in different addresses.

On the other hand, Vickery too has previous police records of being arrested for domestic violence, vehicle theft, and unlawful possession of prescription drugs.