• Steven Hurry was arrested on multiple charges including sex trafficking, sexual assault, aggravated assault
  • The unidentified victim was hired by Hurry as a housekeeper in May 2022
  • Investigators found evidence of prostitution in the short-term rental

An Arizona man has been arrested on sex trafficking charges after neighbors alerted the cops on hearing screams from the apartment.

The horrific abuse came to light after a neighbor called the cops after overhearing a man telling a woman he "would punch her" and the victim screaming.

Scottsdale police deputies arrived at a short-term rental on Dec. 26 and found the unidentified woman involved in a fight with the suspect, identified as Steven Hurry. The victim told the cops that she was forced into prostitution by Hurry and he was arrested at the scene, Arizona's Family reported Thursday.

Court records revealed the victim was hired by Hurry in May 2022 as a housekeeper for his California home. Investigators found that he later convinced the woman to let him take photos of her to make an ad for prostitution before they moved to Tucson.

Hurry kept the money the victim earned from sexual encounters and locked her legal documents away in a box stored inside his vehicle, as per the records.

The duo reportedly shifted to Scottsdale in November and stayed in a Roadway Inn where Hurry posted another prostitution ad of the woman, recorded each of her sexual encounters on camera, and saved them onto a hard drive.

The suspect reportedly strangled the woman when she refused to participate. The victim told the officials that Hurry would restrain her and whip her genitals if she put the money she got through prostitution in the wrong place, records said.

Investigators found evidence of prostitution in the short-term rental including a USB with videos of the victim and several men.

Hurry faces multiple charges including five counts of sex trafficking, sexual assault, aggravated assault, pandering, and disorderly conduct. He is currently held on a $50,000 bond, 12 News reported.

Anyone who happens to see or know about victims being trafficked is requested to call the AZ Tipline at 877-4AZ-TIPS or the National Tipline at 888-373-7888. People who submit tips that lead to an arrest or indictment can get a reward of up to $1,000.

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