A man in Melbourne was charged with murder Monday after he fatally shot his daughter’s neighbor amid a dispute over her barking dogs.

The court heard Monday that 49-year-old Jason Ashman had come over to his daughter’s home to spend some time with her, two days before Christmas last year. When the two were watching a movie, they heard their dogs barking and a voice say “shut the f--- up.”

Jemma Chumbley, Ashman’s 19-year-old daughter, went outside armed with a baseball bat to check what was happening only to find her neighbor, 26-year-old Dwayne Wright, standing outside. She then asked the man to “stop screaming at the dogs.”

Wright threatened Chumbley by saying that he was “going to get your house run through.” He also made comments like "I know when you're home alone.”

Ashman stepped outside and asked his daughter to "get away from that junkie, he's not worth it.” Wright replied by saying, "I do ice, it's not as bad as weed.” Following this Wright made several comments about Ashman including calling him a pedophile.

Chumbley told the court that when she turned around, she saw her father holding a gun after which she tried to “push and pull him away” from the scene.

When asked if the gun possible went off when she tried to push and pull her father, Chumbley said, “yes.” Wright died on the spot.

Ashman’s mother, Rosanna, was also charged over the incident as she was accused of helping him flee the scene. Rosanna also lied to police that she was "not aware of anything happening between Jason and the guy" and she and her son had gone for a walk when the incident took place. The investigation was ongoing.

Representational image of a handcuffed man. SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images