• Joanne and Kevin Singleton have been married for 25 years
  • Joanne pleaded guilty to wounding Kevin with intent
  • Their son Fox pleaded guilty to helping Joanne
  • Kevin told the court he loves his wife and he has forgiven her

A 49-year-old woman, who stabbed her husband 22 times over suspicions that he was having an affair, has been sentenced to six years and eight months in jail by a U.K. court. However, the victim has told the court that he has forgiven his wife for the deed.

Joanne Singleton was sentenced by Hull Crown Court Monday after pleading guilty to wounding her husband Kevin Singleton with intent. The incident happened at their home in Althorpe in September 2020, reported BBC News.

Their son Fox Singleton, 22, also pleaded guilty to assisting the offender.

On Sept. 6, Singleton shared with their daughter suspicions that Kevin was seeing someone else, which the man had previously denied. She also sent him texts saying she "would not be taken for a mug" and it was "payday."

Joanne attacked her husband of 25 years in their kitchen the next day, stabbing him over 22 times, Prosecutor David Bradshaw told the court. Although her husband tried to escape, he slipped on his blood and fell.

She also sought the help of their son Fox to hide the two knives and a blade inside a McDonald's bag.

"Just before 2 pm (ET 10 am) on Sept. 7, Fox Singleton called an ambulance and told the operator his father was lying on the floor with a head injury and a puncture wound to his back. The police were called and when they arrived the complainant was in the conservatory being attended to. Fox Singleton was in the garden, calm, throwing a ball to a dog," Bradshaw told the court as per Lincolnshire Live.

"Police asked Joanne Singleton what had happened and she said, 'I have no idea. I just found him in the doorway. The officer noticed Fox Singleton had blood on his clothing," he said.

Kevin was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary where he underwent treatment for the 22 puncture wounds.

According to Fox, his father said someone rang the doorbell and he answered the door. He could no longer recall what happened next.

While the mother and son were being interviewed, crime scene investigators found the knives and a blade wrapped in a McDonald's bag and a towel and in a washing basket upstairs.

Joanne was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. Fox later confessed to the police that his father had told him to hide the knives to protect his mother, although his mother told him not to.

However, Kevin Singleton, who took to the witness stand, told the court that he forgives his wife for nearly killing him. "We have been together for 25 years. I thought she was the one I was going to spend my life with. There is an element of forgiveness because of that [how long they've been together] because I love her. I can't forget that day but on balance I forgive her," he said.

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