• The attack left her with permanent disabilities, including scarring to her face
  • The man denied the charges and said the woman hurt herself
  • Their maid told the court she often heard the woman screaming in pain

A man has been jailed for holding his wife captive and brutally torturing her for over 15 months. He burned the woman, pulled out her teeth, shaved her eyebrows and even urinated on her.

The man was convicted by a criminal court in Ajman, the United Arab Emirates, of physical assault causing a permanent disability, confinement and issuing insults. The accused, whose nationality was not revealed, was sentenced to one year in prison. He was also fined Dhs170,000 ($48,731), Khaleej Times reported.

The victim told the court Sunday that her husband burned her with a heated fork, strangled her, bound her hands and feet, hit her with a cord and pulled out her teeth.

"He insulted me, locked me up, and tortured me," the woman said, according to court documents. "It happened repeatedly that he heated different objects then burnt me with them. He shaved my eyebrows and my hair, pulled out my teeth, and choked me with his hands."

The victim said her husband took away her mobile phone, so that she could not call for help. However, it was not known how she finally got in touch with the police.

A medical report concluded that the bruises on the body of the victim were the result of torture. The attack left her with permanent disabilities, including 40% scarring to her face and 25% scarring to her body.

A witness, who worked as a maid for the family, told the court that the husband used to constantly beat his wife. She told the court that the woman was kept locked up and no one could enter the room without his permission. She said the woman used to scream in pain.

The man started assaulting his wife because he didn't like her talking to other people, prosecutors told the court.

The defendant denied the charges. He claimed the woman herself inflicted the injuries after he threatened to divorce her.

The man will be deported after serving his prison term.

In 2019, an Indian couple was sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Dubai court for torturing the man's mother, who was in her 50s, to death. The Court of First Instance had heard that the couple tortured the elderly woman repeatedly, leaving her with rib fractures and internal bleeding. They even cut her right eye iris out and part of her other eye.

Teen tortured
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