A man from Phoenix was charged with animal abuse Wednesday after he killed one of his three pet dogs and threw the body in the dumpster.

Police responded to an apartment complex after receiving a call regarding an injured animal. The officers stopped by 70-year-old Jesus Ortiz Martin’s home to inquire about the same when one of the officers, who knew Martin, asked him about his third dog which was not seen around. Martin told the officers he had sold it, AZ Family reported.

However, when the officers were leaving, neighbors approached them and told them they had seen Martin throwing “a white grocery bag with something inside” into a dumpster.  One of the neighbors said the grocery bag ripped and she saw “four furry brown legs” sticking out. She added that Martin had earlier told her he had too many dogs and "needed to get rid of some of his dogs,” ABC 15 reported.

Martin eventually admitted to killing his three-year-old Chihuahua by throwing it on the floor. Police said the man took the step as the dog attacked another puppy and that “Jesus thought he had too many dogs.” Police, however, said the dog had no signs of injuries.

Martin was taken into custody May 4 and charged Wednesday. His two pet dogs were seized.

The incident comes a few days after a man from Madera, California, killed his relative’s dog using a hammer because it was “bugging him.” Police responded to a home after receiving information about a pool of blood in the driveway. The officers then followed the blood trail to a nearby trash can and found the dog dead inside. The family said their relative, Ambrocio Hernandez, was acting weird when he left the home. Hernandez was taken into custody and during interrogation, he admitted to killing the six-month-old puppy because the animal “wanted to play with him too much and was bugging him.”