A Texas man killed his mom’s dog in a fit of rage after she refused him permission to have sex in the house, reports said.

Jamie Garcia, 39, picked up his mother’s dog and threw it so hard that its heart burst, as his mother wouldn’t let him have sex in the house. Garcia has been living with his parents in San Antonio on and off for four years. On Oct. 24, he asked his mother for permission to bring over a woman to the house so he could have sex with her, News 4 San Antonio reported.

When his mother denied permission, an argument ensued, during which Garcia picked up his mother’s small dog named Roxy and flung it 18-feet across the home, court documents obtained by News 4 San Antonio revealed.

The dog landed on the hard kitchen floor, severely injured. Garcia left the home, leaving his mother with the injured dog. Roxy was rushed to the vet by his mother and a neighbor, however, she was pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital.

The cause of death was determined to be heart burst due to the violent throw, which led the dog to bleed to death.

Garcia returned home while police were still at the scene. He told the cops, he had come back to pick up some of his things. He also apologized for hurting the dog, saying “he didn't like hurting the dog," his arrest affidavit said.

Garcia was arrested on Saturday but is now out on a $5000 bond.

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