The police arrested a man on Saturday after he killed a married couple who was sleeping. According to the authorities, the man got help from his step-daughter to bury the couple’s bodies in a swamp.

Since last week, The Polk County Sheriff’s office started receiving strange calls about a woman trying to sell a truck. 19-year-old Amberlyn Nichols was trying to sell the truck for a price, which was as low as $200. When the buyers asked the girl the reason behind such a low price, she told them that the owners didn’t need the truck anymore.

According to Sheriff Grady Judd, the truck belonged to Raymond Cline, 33, and Crystal Ann Cline, 37, who were not seen by anyone since Feb. 21. Investigators went to Nichols home after they received information about her trying to sell Cline’s truck. He further said that Nichols and her boyfriend admitted helping her stepdad, Todd Jackson, in hiding the bodies, and led the detectives towards the swampy woods, where two decomposing bodies were found, ABC News reported.

Nichols said that Raymond Clint owed her step-dad money, and because of that he was angry. According to the authorities, Jackson broke into the couple’s home and shot them dead in their head, as they slept. Nichols and her boyfriend were called by Jackson to clean up the scene of the crime and help him bury the Cline’s bodies.

Jackson was charged with a double homicide, wherein he had brutally murdered the married couple and hid their bodies. Nichols and her boyfriend face charges such as accessory after the fact and failing to report a death, as per a report by the Tampa Bay Times.

Nichols also said that after the murder, she had been staying in Cline’s home instead of a tent in a park where she usually stays. It wasn’t clear whether Todd Jackson had an attorney who could comment on the matter.

Experts work at a crime scene where a man was shot dead in Culiacan -- the victim is inside the car
Experts work at a crime scene where a man was shot dead in Culiacan -- the victim is inside the car AFP / RASHIDE FRIAS