A man was arrested after he fatally stabbed his wife in front of their children. The incident took place in Jackson County, Florida, on Sunday morning.

Police responded to the scene after receiving a report of a fight happening at a home. Upon arrival, officials found 51-year-old Lyia Dogion lying motionless on the bedroom floor with several stab wounds. Lyia’s husband, 68-year-old Michael Dogion, had locked himself up in the bathroom to avoid police. However, the deputies managed to arrest the man and get his three children, who witnessed the incident, out of the home safely.

"I think the children did a very good job defending themselves the best they could. It's very sad that these children have lost basically both parents, the mother who is deceased and the father who is incarcerated,” said Jackson County Sheriff Louis Roberts.

One of the children told the responding officers that his father tried to forcefully enter the home by ramming his car through the front door before stabbing the victim.

Lyia’s body was sent for autopsy while her husband was charged with murder. Police confirmed that the children were not hurt in the incident and were staying at a safe house. The investigation was ongoing to find out the reason behind the murder.

In a similar incident in Texas in November, a man broke into an apartment, killed his wife in front of her children before attempting to kill himself. Darryl Stegall began pounding on the door an apartment where his wife was staying with her three children. When his wife did not let him in, Stegall forcefully got inside by kicking the door. He then shot his wife before shooting himself. While the wife died on the spot, Stegall was taken to a hospital by the first responders.

crime scene
This is a representational image showing a crime scene tape in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 15, 2017. Getty Images/Mark Wilson