garbage truck
Emergency services personnel walk past a refuse truck that crashed into pedestrians in George Square, Glasgow, in Scotland Dec. 22, 2014. Reuters/Stringer

A Pennsylvania man ended up stuck inside a garbage truck early Thursday morning after falling asleep in a dumpster.

During his sleep, garbage collectors arrived to pick up the trash around 2 a.m. and the contents of the dumpster were emptied into the back of the garbage truck, according to WPXI, an NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh. It was only until the operator heard the man's screams that they realized a person was in the dumpster.

The operator then called 911, and while he was in the truck the man realized his prosthetic leg had been lost, causing him to insist on looking for it. After 30 minutes, he was unable to find it, and the police ordered him to stop.

The incident took place in McKees Rocks, a city located just outside of Pittsburgh.

The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation, though he did not appear to be injured.

McKees Rocks Fire Chief Nick Radoycis said that they could not find the leg but would continue to search for it.

A similar incident happened in Maine in March when a man ended up with minor injuries after ending up in a garbage truck after sleeping in a dumpster.

Another situation from 2012 ended up being fatal after a homeless man in Fort Worth, Texas, slept inside a garbage bin when a compactor truck came and began to empty the contents. The man was in full cardiac arrest by the time the operator stopped the machine and later died from injuries.