Paulo Henrique dos Santos is the man that has painted himself permanent green.

A Brazilian native, Henrique dos Santos attempted to dress himself up as the comic book hero Incredible Hulk for a running event, but eventually found that the green paint would not wash off.

After realizing that the paint was not washing off his body, the pool attendant read the label on the package and discovered that he had in fact used a specific kind of paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.

The Vila Cruzeiro resident has told a local Brazilian news site that while he intended to buy a brand of paint that he had used before for the same purpose, the shop he went to did not have the brand in stock.

According to the report, the now permanently painted man spent two days with 20 baths trying to scrub off the paint and was forced to sleep in a room lined with plastic bags.

Henrique dos Santos, a part-time local DJ in Rio de Janeiro, has achieved overnight celebrity in his area through word of mouth, and through the local press, which has run pictures of the would-be superhero's mother trying to remove the paint.

Finally after an additional 24 hours of scrubbing with help from a group of friends, Paulo Henrique dos Santos is back to his normal skin color.

Paulo has told that he does not regret the incident.