A 56-year-old man in Singapore was sentenced to four years in prison Monday for having sex with his daughter.

The court heard the unidentified man started staying at his daughter’s home in May 2019 after he was released from jail, where he was being held for drug offenses. For the first three days, the man stayed in the living room, while his daughter occupied the bedroom. On the fourth day, the two had sex in her room. The woman was 30 years old at the time of the incident, Straits Times reported. 

In October the same year, the two were watching videos in the woman’s room when they attempted to have sex, but did not.

The incidents came to light a few weeks later when the woman confided in a social worker that she feared staying home with her father as they indulged in sexual activity.

The man was initially charged with rape, but the charge was dropped. He was then charged with one count each of incest and attempted incest, which he eventually pleaded guilty to.

He appeared in court Monday and was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, Channel News Asia reported. 

During the sentencing, the judge said the relationship between the two was not a factor.

"What is relevant is that both offenses were committed within the home, which is meant to be a sanctuary for families," judge Janet Wang said.

In Singapore, anyone convicted of incest can be sentenced to five years imprisonment.

In 2019, a court in Hong Kong heard that a drunken man had sex with his teen daughter after mistaking her for his wife. The unidentified man returned home drunk, crawled into his 15-year-old daughter’s bed, and had sex with her thinking it was his wife. He stopped upon realizing the mistake. During the investigation, the teen said she knew her father had mistaken her for her mother, but was unable to stop him. She later told the court that she had forgiven him and had no grudges. He, however, pleaded guilty to rape.

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